Creating Confident



BayView Dental serves the West Central Florida community to give you the best dental care imaginable. With a wide variety of services and locations, we are dedicated to helping our clients get the smile they deserve and love. Book your appointment today!


Cosmetic Procedures

Modern dentistry gives us the tools to help people preserve their natural teeth as long as possible. While there are numerous procedures and practices we can use to help, there are some things you can do to keep your smile healthy! We recommend visiting Riverdale Dental twice a year for checkups and brushing and flossing twice daily.


Dental implants are the best route to go when looking to replace a missing or extracted tooth. This long-lasting, durable solution is great for replacing one, a few, or a whole row of teeth. With both permanent and removable dentures available, we can create the implant experience right for you.

Periodontal Disease

Our clinic specializes in periodontics, or helping you prevent and treat gum disease. Nearly all people who do not maintain good daily oral hygiene will develop gingivitis. If left untreated, this bacterial gum infection can progress from gingivitis (“gingival” – gum; “itis” – inflammation) to periodontitis, which results in bone loss around your teeth.Staying on top of your oral health with the help of our specialists can help your teeth stay healthy. At Riverdale Dental, we can screen for gum issues, diagnose, and treat any inflammation found.

Oral Surgery

You should never have to compromise on loving your smile and thanks to oral surgery at Riverdale Dental, you don’t have to! Replacing missing or extracted teeth, corrective jaw or reconstruction surgery are all easy, safe, and reliable in our offices. Offering multiple oral surgery options, we are sure to help you love your smile!

Intraoral Photography

The intra-oral camera is a valuable tool dental professionals can use to help you understand your examination, diagnosis and treatment. Together we can discover the best treatment plan for you. Intraoral Photography also lets you take an active role in your oral care since you can see what our dentists see!

Emergency Care

Traumatic oral injuries can occur to anyone during activity at any age. Dental trauma accounts for a significant portion of all sports injuries, yet so many of these injuries are preventable. How? With a high-quality mouthguard. The lifetime cost of replacing a permanent tooth has been estimated to exceed $20,000, making a good mouthguard is one of the best investments you can make in sports equipment: It has been shown to reduce the risk of sports-related dental injury by 60 times.The best mouthguard to protect your teeth comes from your dentist office. These custom-made pieces are built for your teeth and can help you stay active and safe from oral injury.