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Teeth Whitening

Before and after photo of teeth whitening treatmentWhen you look in the mirror, what do you see? Do you see beautiful white teeth gleaming back at you, or do you see dull teeth? Did you know that having dull, yellow teeth can age you? Dull teeth can make you look years older than you are. Perhaps that’s because as time goes by, your teeth absorb all kinds of stains from years of use. Your teeth dull with age as well. Do you want pearly-white teeth? Let BayView Dental tell you more about cosmetic whitening your teeth.

Why Should I Whiten My Teeth?

People like to whiten their teeth for all sorts of reasons. First, you may need to whiten just because your teeth are not getting any younger, and you want to look as young as you feel. Stains definitively build up on your teeth over time. This is true even if you don’t smoke or drink caffeine. For example, you may love berries. If you do, your teeth may be stained from strawberries, blueberries or blackberries. If you whiten your teeth, you are lifting stains caused by food, drink or tobacco from your teeth. Whitening your teeth can make your teeth- and your face- look 10 years younger.

How Does Teeth Whitening Work?

The way that you whiten teeth changes depending on how much you want to whiten your teeth and how long you have to whiten them. If you want to whiten your teeth one or two shades gradually, you can switch to a whitening toothpaste and mouthwash. This change will lighten your teeth in a few weeks. However, if you want to whiten your teeth more quickly, you can lighten your teeth in two to three weeks. You can use white strips to whiten your teeth a few shades in less than three weeks. With whitening strips, you will need to sit with the strips in your mouth for about an hour each day.

What if you need your teeth whitened more quickly? We can help you with that here in our office. You might need to whiten your teeth many shades for pictures. Alternatively, you might need to whiten your teeth quickly. Either way, we can help you get your teeth white quickly. We can bleach your teeth in the office in one sitting. Usually, we apply, gel to your teeth, and then use a light or a laser to whiten your teeth many shades. We can also give you whitening trays to use at home as well. If you are looking for ways to lighten or brighten your teeth, we can help you make your teeth sparkling white.

When you look in the mirror, what do you see? Do you see beautiful white teeth? Alternatively, are they less than sparkling? Do you have an important event coming up that you will be taking pictures for, such as an anniversary or a wedding? Maybe you are getting married! No matter what the occasion is, we can get your teeth ready for it. Give BayView Dental a call at one of our 7 convenient locations now to chat with us about teeth whitening and all of our dental services!

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